Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Kitchener/Waterloo 2019

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Congratulations, $41,070 was raised!

Please help us reach our goal by doing a final fundraising push. Every Walk dollar raised goes back into supporting the Autism Community.

Raise $150 by July 15, 2019 and we will mail you the Tommy Hilfiger Walk t-shirt.



Local Walk Ambassador: Evan

Evan Ammendolia is a fun loving 9 year old boy! He loves to play video games, jump on trampolines, swim, play with balloons and has quite the collection of fans! He has a 10 year old sister named Isabelle who is very caring and supportive and also a Black Labrador named Cesar! Evan was diagnosed when he was 3 years old (just months before he started JK). He didn't speak much, in fact his Dr. had wondered if he was a selective mute at first! We definitely had our challenges when he was first diagnosed, not only did Evan not speak very much but he was also a runner. We had locks on all our doors and someone was always monitoring him when he was outdoors as he would like to take off and explore! Evan had an amazing first year of school with an incredible Educational Assistant! She helped him in so many ways and really helped to change his life for the better! Evan loved his ABC's, he can even recite the alphabet backwards!


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ASC Connect Fair

  • Early Autism Services
  • Active Souls Project
  • Monarch House
  • TEAD

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