Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Dundas 2018

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Walk goal of $20,300.00

  Campaign Fundraising Goal: $19,000.00

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Walk Information

When:  Saturday, June 23, 2018 Registration Begins: 9:00 am
Where:  Dundas Driving Park Official Walk Start: 10:00 am
Address: 71 Cross Street, Dundas (Directions)  
Walk Distance: 1-3 km  
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National Walk Ambassadors: Bryce Zrostek

Jack and QuinnAt around age 3 ½ we started to notice that Bryce was not able to do some of the things his older brother Jake was able to do at that age- i.e. - respond to his name, toilet training, his obsession for routine, and his speech was nonexistent. We brought our concerns to our family Doctor where it was recommended we give it some time. A few months passed and Bryce had started JK, where it became more evident through countless meetings with his teacher and parent observation days, how different Bryce was from the other kids in his class.

I returned back to my Dr and after a long 2 ½ years of speech therapy and countless appointments and testing, Bryce was officially diagnosed at age 6 with PDD Autism-(Pervasive Development Disorder), ADHD, and DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder).

It was a diagnosis that our heads were prepared for, but not our hearts. Once we had time to digest the news, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off our chest. We finally understood why all the desperate attempts to help our son become “normal” always failed. They failed because our son wasn’t meant to be “normal”. He was meant to be Bryce- sweet, silly, handsome, mischievous, unique, loveable Bryce.

Bryce is now 11 years old and in grade 6. He has an amazing school community who supports him, an incredible circle of close family and friends who love and understand him, and is blessed with a patient big brother Jake. Bryce has many passions which include; 80’music, ducks, his new leather jacket (which he will only wear on Fridays), jujitsu, bowling, sleepovers, mac n’ cheese, and creating short movies and soundtracks on his iPad.

Team BrycetheBonnie is honoured to have Bryce as the 2018 Dundas Walk Ambassador and to take part in this wonderful event. We look forward to continuing to raise money to fund services and research to the benefit of the autism community.


Walk Day

The Walk includes fun activities, performers and snacks, before and after the Walk.  Arrive early to give yourself lots of time to visit and enjoy the event with your family and friends! 

Upon arrival at your Walk, please proceed to Registration to submit your cash and cheque donations with your pledge form(s).  Ensure that your pledge form is clearly labeled with your name and team name (if part of a team) to ensure that you and your team receive recognition for all donations collected. 

Be sure to visit the Resource Fair area to learn more about the services and programs that are available in your community.  Resource Fairs are a part of our signature Walks.  Please contact your Regional Field Staff for more information or to inquire about a Resource Fair at your Walk.

The Autism Speaks Canada Walk event will commence with the opening ceremonies where all participants are invited to gather near the stage for presentations, stories, and fundraising updates.  The Walk begins with an official countdown from the stage.


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