Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Niagara 2017

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  Campaign Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00

Congratulations and Thank You to all of our Walkers, Volunteers, Sponsors, Partners and supporters for making the Niagara Walk a success.

The Walk raised $4,594, just shy of the $5,0000 fundraising goal. Although the Walk is done, you can still fundraise and qualify for our prizes and incentives. You can send all cash and cheques to Autism Speaks Canada 2450 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2J 4A2

Niagara Walk 2017

National Honorary Walk Ambassador: Deryk

DerykDeryk is a very happy eight year old boy. He was diagnosed at two years old with severe Autism. After several days of tears and trying to understand what Autism was and why it had affected our son, we decided to accept our new life and immediately started devoting our efforts for him.

Deryk has been overcoming his difficulties one by one. He has received IBI therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy along with constant development at home. His initial prognosis was that he would not be verbal, but Deryk has proved that wrong and nowadays is able to use basic language to communicate his ideas, and everyday he progresses more and more. He can take on responsibilities such as helping set the table and picking up the dishes at home, or running the milk program at school, which has made him quite popular there. He is starting to interact with his friends and likes receiving visits from them.

Deryk loves to learn and is developing various of skills in multiple areas. He has become very good with math and is learning to play the piano and read sheet music, as well as learning to play songs by ear! He has an extraordinary memory. He loves calendars and is able to remember all the family members, teachers and friends birthdays. Not only that, Deryk is able to remember other important dates during the year too. He loves to draw, do puzzles, play with Lego and play-doh and loves printed and digital maps - he can spend hours exploring Google Maps. Deryk also loves being active with swimming lessons, going to the park and hikes - in any weather, he doesn't care if it's raining or snowing, he enjoys it all!

During these last 6 years as parents of an autistic boy, we believe that the most important thing is to never give up. Children with Autism may have numerous of difficulties ahead, however they have countless abilities to be developed and are able to achieve any goal if we believe in them - Deryk is an amazing example of just that! We are proud that Deryk has been nominated to be this years Walk Ambassador for the Niagara Walk, and we know that he is very excited as well!


Walk Day

The Walk includes fun activities, performers and snacks, before and after the Walk.  Arrive early to give yourself lots of time to visit and enjoy the event with your family and friends! 

Upon arrival at your Walk, please proceed to Registration to submit your cash and cheque donations with your pledge form(s).  Ensure that your pledge form is clearly labeled with your name and team name (if part of a team) to ensure that you and your team receive recognition for all donations collected. 

Be sure to visit the Resource Fair area to learn more about the services and programs that are available in your community.  Resource Fairs are a part of our signature Walks.  Please contact your Regional Walk Manager for more information or to inquire about a Resource Fair at your Walk.

The Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada event will commence with the opening ceremonies where all participants are invited to gather near the stage for presentations, stories, and fundraising updates.  The Walk begins with an official countdown from the stage.


Niagara Resource Fair

  • Red Roof Retreat
  • Therapy Tails Niagara
  • Niagara Children’s Centre
  • Bridges for Autism
  • Autism Ontario
  • Teitia's Art from the Heart

Click here for a Resource Fair application form.


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