Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Montréal 2017

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Campaign Walk Goal: $95,000.00 Campaign Fundraising Goal: $92,000.00

Congratulations and thank to our walkers, corporate partners, volunteers and supporters for making this year’s Walk a success!

The Montreal Walk raised $88,079 and counting…. just shy of its campaign goal of $95,000 (91% of goal) Please help us reach 100%.

Although the Walk has taken place, the website will remain open for fundraising. Everyone can still receive the Walk t-shirt when they raise $150 before July 31, 2017. All cash and cheques should be forwarded to Autism Speaks Canada 2450 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2J 4A2

Montreal Walk 2017

Local Walk Ambassador: Arianna

AriannaArianna was a beautiful, happy baby. From the beginning, she loved to laugh, she loved to dance, was a bit of a clown and loved to be cuddled. To my husband and I, she appeared to be developing normally, although we thought her speech was a bit delayed and she didn’t really play with others or her toys very much. At 18 months, our family doctor referred us to a developmental specialist. During the long wait for the assessment, Arianna began to regress. The words she had became practically non-existent and her character began to change right in front of us as she became withdrawn into her own world. It was heartbreaking, not being able to hear her call us Mama or Papi anymore. Finally, 18 months later, Arianna was diagnosed with autism.

We remember the Doctor discussing her evaluation, and at that point, we didn’t realize that everything had a waiting list and access to the right services at the right time was unlikely. This was devastating for us. Arianna is 4 ½ now. She is still non-verbal. She can feed herself, is affectionate, loves hugs and is always really happy. She shows us every day that love doesn't need words.

Support has been everything to us. When people say it takes an army it is definitely the truth!

Arianna now has more support available to give her the help she needs.

Autism and other spectrum disorders are just beginning to get the visibility they require in order to provide government and private funding for research and resources.

As Arianna progresses, her needs will change, and we will continue to fight for her cause. We continue to learn how she sees and understands the world and have so much hope for her future!


Walk Chair: Lori-Ann Zemanovich

AriannaI am proud to be the 2017 Walk Chair and invite you to join us at the Autism Speaks Canada Montreal Walk on Sunday, May 28.

Chair, to me, is synonymous with cheerleader and as such, I want our Autism Speaks Canada community, all our loved ones and supporters to cheer the cause through their support of our Walk.

My son, Pietro, has been walking his entire life with autism and I have walked along by his side. Throughout his life’s adversities and challenges, we have come out the other side, walking with each other, walking in solidarity and in celebration with our comrades, our loved ones, our advocates and our support-service providers, all gathered under one proud Autism Speaks Canada banner.

It is with gratitude, pride and joy that I wave that banner!

So come walk with us, let us walk with you and let us all celebrate and support one-another.

Lori-Ann Zemanovich
Chair, Autism Speaks Canada Montreal Walk


Montréal Resource Fair:

  • Proset Autism
  • Lakeshore Soccer Club - Super Sonics
  • Disability Financial Assistance Corporation (DFAC)
  • Spectrum Productions
  • P.L.A.Y.@GYM
  • The Social Tree Foundation/RDI
  • Art Hive by Temple Emanu El Beth Sholom
  • Sew Dutch by Alet
  • Noriko - Art Therapy and Counselling
  • The Big Blue Hug

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