2019 London

Rock The Spectrum!

Hello everyone!!

Can you believe this is our 6th year!?    Where has the time gone!?

Without a doubt, there is no way we could have done any of what we have done in this autism journey without the AMAZING support of all kinds from family and friends!   Donovan continues to thrive, progressing leaps and bounds, talking more, making friends and continually sharing his bubbly personality with all.  He is even starting to become a little more independent. :)

We continue our tradition of going out to support our autism community and spend time with great friends.

We are hoping you will join us again this year for the walk - either in person, from a distance or through a donation to our team!! 


Rock the Spectrum!

Annual message from the heart:  We are fortunate in the support that we get from family, friends and Donovan's wonderful teachers and therapy teams.  Our philosophy: knowledge is the most powerful tool against ignorance.  Advocacy, learning and sharing are some of the best ways of breaking down misconceptions and change perceptions.  A consitent personal goal of ours in the annual Walk is to raise awareness of what is out there for families like us.  

Thank you to everyone for their endless support throughout our journey.  We have been so lucky to have found such awesome people who love our Donovan and see his potential as much as we do!  xo

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