2019 Dundas

Alex the Great

Dear Family and Friends,

We are excited to share with you that Autism Speaks Canada, has made our Dundas Walk into a huge signature walk in Hamilton this year! It is going to be held in Confederation Park near the waterfront on May 26th starting at 10am. Please consider joining us this year and mark it in your calendars.  We would love to celebrate with all of you! 

As you know autism is at the forefront of the media these days. It is important that we continue to work together to help raise money that can help families with children on the spectrum. As Alex grows older, Joe and I have really started to think about what we would like his future to look like. Graduating from high school, getting a great job, living independently and enjoying a happy fulfilling life. Organizations like Autism Speaks Canada are helping to support more programs and research that are looking at methods/ways to help our kids have a meaningful life after graduating from high school, including the McMaster Autism Research Team. This group of dedicated individuals have been working on an employment program that is working with the community to help integrate individuals with autism into meaningful jobs. 

As you know, no child with autism is the same. They are all unique, like Alex. Who, by the way is now 6' tall and 12 years old. Please consider supporting our team by donating and/or joining us at the walk. You will us and other people who live with autism and their families. 

With much love and gratitude,

Beth & Joe



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