2019 Saskatoon

Dont mess with a Bear!
Dont mess with a Bear!

Bears Clan

Welcome to BEARS CLAN

We walk for Bears (Sebastien) who is the son, cousin, grandson, nephew, friend of all the team members on this team.  Bear has made all our lives an adventure we will never forget and we walk to create a better life for him.  Thats why we are here, thats why we walk!  1-68 being diagnosed everyday. 1-43 boys being diagnosed.  When autism talks, maybe its time to listen! 

We are participating in Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada in Saskatoon on June 21, 2015. Join me and my team as we walk with our family and friends in our community.  

Autism Speaks Canada is part of the world’s largest autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, preventions, treatments and cure for autism. 

By supporting Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada you are helping change the future for people in the Canadian autism community.

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