2019 Ottawa

The J Walkers

Dear Family and Friends,

Anyone who knows Jeremy also know that he is one happy boy!  Jeremy has so many talents and qualities, it's difficult to imagine that he must face struggles and challenges regularly.  Even daily.  One of his biggest challenges is social interactions.

If you know Jeremy, you also know that he has strong passions for subjects such as letters and numbers.  And at times, he may seem to care for little else but these subjects.  But what some people may not know is that Jeremy does care.  He just can't show it in the typical manner that we are used to.  On several occasions I've heard Jeremy speak of loved ones and an event or an interaction he may have had with this person.  Sometimes, these events happened days or even weeks ago.  But the sheer fact that he mentions these events is proof that they left an imprint on him.  He just needed that time to process what it meant to him.  So for all of you who have ever questioned whether Jeremy values your relationship with him, or have contemplated giving up on him due to lack of instant gratification, I say don't.  He needs you more that you know.  

And so that is why I keep registering our team every year.  I do it for boys and girls like Jeremy who need the extra support in their everyday lives.  Those who have so much love and emotions, but struggle with expressing them.

By supporting Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada, you are helping change the future for people impacted by autism spectrum disorder, those diagnosed, waiting for diagnoses and also the families of those diagnosed.  Your support will fund scientific research, local and national services, advocacy, and awareness. 

So even though Jeremy may not understand just how important your contribution or participation is, it does not mean that he can't feel your love and support. 

Support Autism Speaks Canada by making a donation today.


Jeremy's Mom and Dad, Anik & Al

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