2019 Waterloo

Teaghen's Troops


If you're here, you must be AT LEAST curious what it's all about..... right? Riiight?? 

Okay, well, as many of you know, we do a 'walk for autism' every year.  More specifically, we walk for Autism Speaks Canada in Waterloo. 

WHY do we do it, you might ask? Well, This walk/organization raises some much needed funds for young people with autism.  Funding that otherwise, would not be there.  It goes towards research, properly training Early Childhood educators, helping newly diagnosed families navigate the health care system, and so on.  It enables us all to make a difference. With the resources available out there, we need to take advantage.  These walk dollars will help families to do just that.

WHO do we do it for? Well, Teaghen, of course! Teaghen is a beautiful woman in her thirties who has inspired us all.  She lights up anyone's life that she meets.  Not all of these resources were available for her when she was younger.  But now, is LIVING PROOF that a little extra funding can make all the difference.

So together, on June 9th, we will come together to Walk Now For Autism Speaks Canada in Waterloo in honour of Teaghen, and everyone else in the autism community that may have touched our lives.

We'll leave you here with a few things we've learned....

  1. Autism can be reliably diagnosed by age 2.
  2. High-quality early intervention does more than develop skills.
  3. One third of children and adults with autism are nonverbal.
  4. Most adults with autism (84%) remain living with their parents.
  5. Over 80% of adults with autism are unemployed.

There’s still so much more to learn…and you can help.

By making a donation and supporting our efforts, you are making a difference to the autism community. 


Ps~ We hope you enjoy our photo collage of our team from 2014-2018.

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