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Team Step by STEPP
Team Step by STEPP

Step by STEPP

Dear Family and Friends,

I have the privilege of not only working the most amazing team, but with families and children who warm my heart on a daily basis. Never have I experieinced such a rewarding way to spend my days. From the recognition in a little boys eyes when he sees me to the cuddle and kiss he leaves on my cheek. To hearing sounds become words, when he had none. Pictures turn into requests and communication, seeing the power in a childs eyes with the ability to now communicate their needs. Changing families lives, helping them see the potential and giving them the support and tools to help get there. This is why we do what we do. The rewards are endless. Please help us by donating to team Step by STEPP.

By donating to Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada you are taking the first step towards changing the future for people with autism.  Your support will light the way to better research, broader services, earlier diagnoses and treatment, greater awareness and advocacy, and most of all, a brighter future for people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  

We will be participating in Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada 2018.  This cause is very important to us, which is why we are asking you to support our fundraising efforts by making a donation.



Team Step by STEPP

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