2019 Montreal

Team GiaGia

Dear Family and Friends,

Team GiaGia is about more than a yearly walk we do to support Autism Speaks Canada. Team GiaGia is about all the members of our family living with Autism Spectrum Disorder every day. It is about a mother and father trying their best to balance the individual needs of both of their children, and not always succeeding. It is about a younger sibling who is fighting for attention but is also wise beyond her years because of the lessons she learned from her brother’s special needs. Team GiaGia is also about accepting that it takes a village - grandparents who fill in the gaps when mother and father are struggling; therapists and special educators who come into our home and our hearts. It is about the joy in tiny victories and the courage to face struggles together, as a team.

We are walking to raise funds for the mission of Autism Speaks Canada – to increase understanding, acceptance and inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder, advance innovative research, and make connections to lifelong services and supports for the autism community. 

Please support me.  Make a donation and join my team and together, we can make improve the lives of everyone living with autism.  

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