2019 Vancouver

Charlie's Angels

Two summers ago, we were led down a path with no map, no education, and lots of fear. Just shy of Charlie’s 2nd birthday, we received her diagnosis. We knew nothing about autism and the distress almost tore us up. If it weren’t for the amazing resources and connections we’ve been able to find, I think we’d still be in that place or at least a lot less equipped.

Charlie is a vivacious, smart, and silly kid who is and going to achieve amazing things! We are just so grateful to have received a diagnosis so young and set her up with all possible advantages.

We’re walking to raise funds for the mission of Autism Speaks Canada - Increase understanding, acceptance and inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder, advance innovative research, and make connections to lifelong services and supports for the autism community.

Please support us. Make a donation today and improve the lives of everyone living with autism! :)

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