Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Saskatoon 2018

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Although Walk day has come and gone,
we are still accepting donations.

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Walk Goal: $36,800.00 Campaign Fundraising Goal: $35,000.00

Local Walk Ambassadors: Sebastien

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Who is Sebastien Chambers?  Well, he is known by many through the province by Bears. 

He is a 15 year old teenager who loves life.  Sebastien attends school out at Ranch Erhlo just outside of Martensville.  He loves to sing, dance make claymation figures and animation cels to make movies and comic books out of.  He is a very creative young man with a drive like no one I have ever seen.  If it’s a skill he wants to master, he teaches himself quite often through YouTube videos.  He also loves to figure out how toys work and how to create what he calls the parody version where things are just a little bit different. He is a lover of technology, he to learn how things are put together and how to put it into practice.  He loves making his own websites, movies, you name it. His latest things has been making karaoke videos. 

He has been a part of the walk since it came to Saskatoon and is the captain for Team Bears Clan. He loves life and wants to make the most of it everyday.

We have been involved in many therapies throughout the years and everyone we work with has become family to us through the years. He is loved by everyone on our team as he makes our lives more exciting and adventurous everyday. 

He is excited to be an ambassador this year and can’t wait for the walk to begin.




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Resource Fair:

  • Pawsitive Independence ASD
  • Equilibrium Thearpeutic Riding Inc.
  • Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL)
  • Community Living Association of Sask Inc. (CLASI)
  • Special Olympics Saskatoon Exley
  • Autism Services of Saskatoon
  • Saskatchewan Association for Behavior Analyst (SASK-ABA)

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