Autism Speaks Canada Community Walk: Brantford 2016

Walk goal of $16,500

Congratulations on a very successful Walk.  In fact, we exceeded our GOAL and have raised over $18,000 thanks to our incredible Walkers, Volunteers and Organizers. 


2016 Brantford Ambassador Owen

Local Walk Ambassador: Owen

Owen was diagnosed with ASD when he was three years old. We were noticing that he had a speech delay and was socially withdrawn when we would be around other children his age. We were living in Richmond Hill at the time, and there was at least a two year waiting list for him to receive any services. A short time later, we moved to Brantford and became involved with Lansdowne Children Centre. The IBI program was remarkable in helping Owen transition into school. He will be starting Grade 7 at Ryerson Heights Elementary School in September.

Owen is very kind and is extremely caring of those around him. He loves being involved with his peers both at school and in the community. Last year, Owen was planning to participate in the Autism Speaks Canada Walk in Brantford with his friend Ethan, but we had a family trip planned to Vancouver for his brother’s Karate Tournament and to visit relatives. Owen was upset, but insisted that we find a walk in Vancouver and participate there on the same day as Brantford. He did a fantastic job and was even invited by the local ambassador to help lead the walk.

Today, Owen is an active and happy twelve-year-old who enjoys playing badminton, nature walks, going to the movies and playing video games. He loves visiting his cousins and is now looking to take on more and more responsibility every day. He also wants to travel and meet new friends. He is very excited to be this year’s walk ambassador for the 2016 Autism Speaks Canada Walk in Brantford.


Walk Day

The Walk includes fun activities, performers and snacks, before and after the Walk.  Arrive early to give yourself lots of time to visit and enjoy the event with your family and friends! 

Upon arrival at your Walk, please proceed to Registration to submit your cash and cheque donations with your pledge form(s).  Ensure that your pledge form is clearly labeled with your name and team name (if part of a team) to ensure that you and your team receive recognition for all donations collected. 

Be sure to visit the Resource Fair area to learn more about the services and programs that are available in your community.  Resource Fairs are a part of our signature Walks.  Please contact your Regional Walk Manager for more information or to inquire about a Resource Fair at your Walk.

The Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada event will commence with the opening ceremonies where all participants are invited to gather near the stage for presentations, stories, and fundraising updates.  The Walk begins with an official countdown from the stage.


Local Sponsor:

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For more information about the 2016 Brantford Community Walk, please contact your walk manager at

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