Autism Speaks Canada Walk: London 2019

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Congratulations, $18,823 was raised!

Please help us reach our goal by doing a final fundraising push. Every Walk dollar raised goes back into supporting the Autism Community.

Raise $150 by July 15, 2019 and we will mail you the Tommy Hilfiger Walk t-shirt.



Local Walk Ambassador: Bryson

From the moment our son was born I knew there was something different about him. After his first birthday, I found the courage to tell my husband that we had to recognize the need to seek support for our Bryson. It was very difficult to speak aloud about Bryson’s differences; he was not talking, did not eat, had a high pain tolerance and would throw a tantrum with the best of them. It was frustrating to not know how we could help our son communicate. Bryson was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at the age of 2.5 years old. When the diagnosing Doctor confirmed Autism my husband and I were relieved and ready to take on this challenge. We were determined to make sure our son was able to embrace the special gift that he held and we were committed to make sure that we would apply the strategies and tools to to ensure Bryson could be the best Bryson he is destined to be.


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