Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Hamilton/Dundas 2019

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Congratulations, $21,410 was raised!

Please help us reach our goal by doing a final fundraising push. Every Walk dollar raised goes back into supporting the Autism Community.

Raise $150 by July 15, 2019 and we will mail you the Tommy Hilfiger Walk t-shirt.



Local Walk Ambassador: Jack

Thoughtfulness and caring are just two of the beautiful traits of our son Jack. Eleven years ago on October 31st, our little Jack-o-lantern arrived. We felt a special connection with our son on a special day the moment he arrived.

Jack is a fun-loving, eager to learn 11 year old boy who is passionate about the things that he holds dear to his heart movies including researching directors and producers, animals, videogames, swimming and so much more. Jack connects to things and people with great care. For his family, he shows his affection by touching our hair or faces to show he trusts us and lets us in. For things he is interested in, he researches everything he can about them and can recite facts about things that would blow your mind.

Jack’s laugh is infectious. When he finds something really funny, like The Three Stooges, his laugh comes directly from his belly and you cannot help but to smile and laugh along with him. He gives giant hugs and always wants to know that others are feeling happy.


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ASC Connect Fair

  • McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART)
  • Janet MacDonald
  • Tricia Arcari
  • Woodview Mental Health
    and Autism Services
  • Anchor Specialized Support Services
  • wm+a Alpha Bee
    Leading Evidence Based Service Provider
  • McMaster University Medical Centre

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