Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Montréal 2019

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Congratulations, $68,753 was raised!

Please help us reach our goal by doing a final fundraising push. Every Walk dollar raised goes back into supporting the Autism Community.

Raise $150 by July 15, 2019 and we will mail you the Tommy Hilfiger Walk t-shirt.



Local Walk Ambassadors: Rosalia and Giancarlo

Meet five-year-old Rosalia and her big brother Giancarlo, who is seven. Giancarlo loves being the star of his own videos, playing with his Thomas and Friends trains, and eating chocolate brownies. Rosalia loves purple and pink, playing Barbie, and being in control. They are each other’s favorite people and, in addition to being the ambassadors for the 2019 Montreal Walk, they are the honorary members for Team GiaGia - a name we came up with in 2016 when we first participated in the walk and both kids were unable to pronounce Giancarlo’s full name. As a team, we are honored to give a voice to other families who, like ours, are both ordinary and extraordinary in spite of and because of Autism.


National Sponsors

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Local Sponsors

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ASC Connect Fair:

  • The Big Blue Hug
  • Kiddo Active Therapy
  • ProSet Inclusive Tennis
  • Galileo Adult Education Centre
  • Wagar Adult Education Centre
  • Dentraide
    Dentistry Students from
    l’Université de Montréal
  • REEI
    Régime enregistré
    d’épargne invalidité
  • Jooay
  • Alisa Refunds
  • The Social Tree
  • Lakeshore Soccer Club Super Sonics
  • TaeKwonDo Art


Contests and Incentives