About the Community Events Fundraising Page

We are excited you have registered your fundraiser, and have chosen to support Autism Speaks Canada.  

We wish you all the best as you begin to plan, develop and implement your activity, and are pleased to be able to share these tips, information on our organization and resources to help you have a successful fundraiser in your community.   Available on this web-page:

  • Ability to create an online fundraising page for your event
  • Information about Autism Speaks Canada
  • Tools and Resources

As a reminder we are unable to provide:

  • personal donor information or ASC mailing lists
  • Incur costs associated with your fundraiser
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue
  • Promote your event via local media outlets
  • Provide insurance coverage
  • Accept legal or financial liability

For more information about running an event in support of Autism Speaks Canada, please contact us at  communityevents@autismspeakscan.ca