Grand Club Members Autism Speaks Balloons

Congratulations to our TOP 20 Grand Club members of 2014!!!

  Grand Club Members  2014 $s Raised      Walk Site  
1 Stephanie Saccoccia  $18,265 Toronto
2 Greg Neinstein  $16,492 Toronto
3 Brayden & Kurtis Samagalski         $13,775 Edmonton
4 Paul Stellato  $12,610 Toronto
5 Jaden Lake  $11,820 Edmonton
6 Tyler Oke  $10,220 Edmonton
7 Chad Oke  $10,000 Edmonton
8 Shaelynne Bush  $8,991 Toronto
9 Rob Killips  $7,300 Edmonton      
10   Kerrie Johnson  $6,630 Saskatoon
11 Nelly Thiele  $6,525 Toronto
12 Paula Stamp  $5,495 Toronto
13 Robert Quattrociocchi  $5,405 Toronto
14 Jill Farber  $5,165 Toronto
15 Nelia Silva  $4,992 Toronto
16 Meg Friedman  $4,980 Ottawa
17 Scott Chataway  $4,678 Toronto
18 Sara Cullen  $4,200 Saskatoon
19 Sabrina & Dan Marujo  $3,985 Toronto
20      Cathi Christodoulou  $3,475 Montreal  


Choose to BE GRAND!  Participants who individually raise $1000 or more will automatically become members of the Grand Club.  Grand Club members inspire all of us by their ability to raise $1000 in pledges, excelling us closer to our mission.   Grand Club status and recognition is awarded to the individual who raises $1000 or more. 

And for these Grand efforts, the individual participant who earns Grand Club status will receive a special commemorative Grand Club incentive, and on-site recognition at the Walk on event day.  


2014 Toronto Walk Stephanie Saccoccia and Team

"As a mother of an autistic child, I know first hand, the challenges families face. I also know the immense pride we feel when our child overcomes a hurdle or reaches a goal. It was my privilege to participate in the fund raising efforts of such a wonderful organization that assists families with these challenges.  2014 was my first time attending the walk. It was was such a moving experience.  A feeling of community, made stronger by the overwhelming support of my family and friends. So many caring, like-minded individuals gathered together to make a difference. Changes that will impact the lives of so many, including my son. I look very forward to the years ahead. 
With sincere thanks for all of the important work you do."
- Stephanie Saccoccia


Here’s how you can choose to BE GRAND:

Step #1         Pledge Yourself    $50 
Step #2    Ask 10 friends at $40  $400
Step #3    Ask 5 family members at $50        $250
Step #4   Ask 5 colleagues at $30 $150
Step #5   Ask your employer at $150 $150
  Total      $1000 






2014 Waterloo Walk Photo 7