Tools and Resources

  1. Social Media Assets
  2. bubly Smile Stand Kit
  3. Posters
  4. Donation Form

Here are six simple steps to host a fun Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand:

  1. Register for your Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand at
  2. Receive your Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand Kit before September 2, 2019
  3. Share on social. Tools are available above.
  4. Organize some supplies and pick-up bubly at your local Grocer - remember to bring your coupons!
  5. Arrange for helpers
  6. Have a great Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand! Take pictures from your event and tag us @AutismSpeaksCan #ASCxBublySmileDay. Money raised at the stand can be deposited here.

To support you, we will send you everything you need to host a fun Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand in a FREE bubly Smile Stand kit. Things included in this kit:

  1. coupons to pick-up FREE bubly at your local grocer
  2. stickers
  3. posters
  4. signage
  5. donation form
  6. balloons, tattoos and buttons

Here are a few things to consider when planning and preparing your Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand:

  • Location; where are you doing it – do you need permission?
  • Table, chairs and umbrella (to provide shade from the sun)
  • Cooler and ice (for keeping bubly cool)
  • Jay cloth/paper towel in case of spills
  • Cash box or cash apron to collect monies
  • Small cash float to provide change
  • donation form (to collect donor information should someone want to make an extra donation that requires a tax receipt)  NOTE – payment to receive a bubly is not eligible for a tax receipt
  • Price Signage
  • bubly Smile Stand table banner

A few days before hosting be sure to:

  • Put the posters up around the neighbourhood
  • Let your neighbours know – get them involved too!
  • Post your bubly Smile Stand details to your Facebook and share and post to Local Community Facebook Groups

And, if you are doing your bubly Smile Stand at your place of work, remember to:

  • Send an all staff email announcement
  • Include details on the Internal Community calendar
  • Hang posters in the lunch room, coffee stations, bathroom door, and on company bulletin boards

On the day of your Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand day, have some fun by decorating your Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand to help draw in people to visit and buy some bubly. Remember to:

  • Assemble your bubly Smile Stand booth
  • Make sure the price of your bubly is clearly visible to customers
  • Find a place with shade if you have no umbrella if you are in a park or front lawn
  • Have your Steps & Tips list handy
  • Wear your bubly sticker, decorate your cooler
  • Make sure signage around the neighbourhood is visible
  • Keep the donation page handy

Remember a smile and a thank you goes a long way and

is always appreciated by your customers.  

Bubly Smile Stands will help will support the autism community coast to coast.