Fundraising Reward Tickets to Win Big!

  • When you and your team fundraise, you can earn fundraising rewards tickets. At the event receive tickets that can be used to win some great prizes. The more you fundraise, the more reward tickets you will receive at Registration when you check in.
  • Teams can choose to place all Rewards tickets into one Draw or spread them amongst the many Prize Draws offered!


     $50-$74 1 ticket
     $75-$99 2 tickets
     $100-$199 3 tickets
     $200-$499 10 tickets
     $500-$999 20 tickets
     $1000 35 tickets

The more you fundraise, the more chances you have to win prizes!


Fundraising Recognition!

In appreciation for fundraising, when you or your family team collectively raise $300 or more, receive one side-sling bag at the event.