Meet Joshua

JoshuaJoshua is now eight and a half years old and a boy very much like other boys. He loves to run, eat pancakes, wrestle, has an amazing sense of humor and loves to laugh with his little sister Taylor. He is happiest when his tablet is charged and in his hands! He uses his tablet to watch snippets of videos and music and loves to share them with us, often giving us a dance or echoing the words.

Although Josh has not had an easy life to date, you would never know from his spirit. He is truly the happiest kid you will meet. The kid has a smile that lights up a room and he has a spark of mischief in his eye that endears him to anyone who meets him. When Josh turned one, he was flagged for not meeting his developmental milestones. After a long bout of testing with genetics and several professionals, he was diagnosed at nearly three years old as having a genetic deletion (his ninth chromosome) and autism spectrum disorder. In February of 2015, we were devastated when Josh was diagnosed as having generalized epilepsy as well.

Josh has endured numerous EEGs, MRIs, blood tests, medications etc. in his eight years of life. Yet Josh does not show it. He lives in the moment and takes joy in the smallest pieces of life. He is our greatest teacher. As parents, he is teaching us the importance of advocacy, patience and trusting the process.

Although Josh does have some words, he would be described as non-verbal. However, those who know Josh know that he communicates in a different way with determination and patience. Josh has a magnetic personality and anyone who meets him is immediately struck by his warmth, loving spirit and amazing eyes. Josh is an amazing person and has a lot to teach those of us not on the spectrum. His charming personality endears him to people quickly and we are often struck by how much impact this little boy has on anyone who comes into his life.