Meet Jack and Quinn

Jack and QuinnOur family’s home is filled with the infectious laughter of Jack and Quinn, two beautiful, bright, happy and healthy brothers who have autism. They have very different personalities and, being at opposite ends of the autism spectrum, have very different needs. Both brothers were diagnosed at a young age and benefited greatly from early intensive intervention services.

One word comes to mind when one thinks of Jack - determined. Diagnosed at 2 1/2, the only words he had at age 3 were “car” and the numbers 1 through 10. The following years were filled with a lot of intensive behavioural intervention and hard work. By the time he had graduated elementary school, he was his class valedictorian. Now in grade 8, Jack is on student council and has been on the honour roll every term thus far. Kind, curious and gregarious, Jack is also dedicated to making the world a more inclusive and more accepting place for his little brother.

Quinn, age 11, is the quiet and shy brother who also happens to have a great sense of humour and mad computer skills. Crowds, haircuts and doctors’ visits are overwhelming and scary for him. Diagnosed at 17 months, Quinn’s progress has been slow and steady as he continues to learn and grow and acquire new skills. Anyone who takes the time to get to know him is rewarded by the world’s best hugs from a little boy who is so filled with love and joy.

Our family has learned the truth of the adage that "it takes a village". We have been supported by the most amazing array of family, friends, schools, teachers, behavioural consultants, psychologists, educators, SLPs, OTs, PTs, social workers, etc…, for whom we could not be more grateful. Jack and Quinn are honoured to be the 2018 National Walk Ambassadors and are looking forward once again to walking as part of the JQ Crew in order to raise funds for much needed services and research.