2015 National Honorary Walk Ambassador: Jayden Johnson


2015 National Honorary Walk Ambassador 2Jayden Johnson, 5 ½  years old, lives in the small farming community of Margo, Saskatchewan with his mom, dad and little brother Gavin.

Jayden was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.  Since his diagnosis he has improved immensely in the areas of communication, socialization and behaviour.  Jayden did not speak until he was 3 years old.  Weekly speech therapy sessions, one on one intervention, and the many hours his parents spent implementing various strategies to help Jayden, have led to his success.  

Jayden loves being with his family and enjoys activities like swimming, fishing, camping, and riding along in the tractors and combines at the farm.  He also enjoys Lego, reading and drawing.  Recently Jayden started to play hockey and has found a great love for the sport.  

Jayden is excited to be the National Honorary Ambassador for “Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada”.  In 2015 “Team Jayden” will walk in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.